photo by Ying Cui

gape is Berlin´s experimental lounge

One Saturday per month from January 2016 to June 2016, gape will expose audiences to 4 hours of cutting edge experimental improvised live performing arts, as well as onenightonly exhibitions, installations, video works and live music. Each month a selected visual artist will be exhibited, with these works providing the theme for development of up to 6 site and time specific performances per month.

gape provides a new platform for genre defying contemporary works, offering artists a expansive platform in space to present, network and collaborate in Berlin.

gape is a non-profit event seeking to utilize the networks of Berlin's vast creative pool. Admission fee's are maintained in order to supply artists with the basic needs, and to cover the costs of producing and promoting the events.

gape is produced and curated by artists Maria De Faria, Dylan Bakker, Michiyasu Furutani and Marie Klinke, together with Albom projectLysergic and WideScope Collective.

Following the 6 month inhabitance, gape will publish a book of photography and text based around the special performances and happenings.

Maria De Faria
Maria De Faria is a dancer and performer. She trained in several School of Contemporary Dance and Performing Arts in Brazil, in Buenos Aires and in Germany. She has been involved over the past four years researching the relatioship of art to performance, and in improvisation and mixed visual arts in dance. Since 2011 she has performed her own work - often in art galleries. She lives in Berlin. http://cornerwhite.blogspot.de/

Michiyasu Furutani
Born in Osaka, JAPAN. Studied for theater actor in college of art, NIHON University. Started Butoh dance as well as contemporary dance, choreographed narrative dance pieces led by theater experience and techniques. Performing on different projects with various stages, directors, filmmakers, dancers, actors and musicians. Moved recently to Berlin. Begins to focus an improvisation way which is cultivated by with free-jazz musicians.    http://sieteydos.tumblr.com/

Marie Klinke - Visual Art & Art Direction
Miss Moon is a emerging berlin based, multidisciplinary artist.She expresses herself in the media of collage, photography & video art.Graduate art director and co-founder of the "plateau gallery" berlin where she works as a curator and producer of a variety of cultural events & exhibitions. http://missmoonart.tumblr.com/

Dylan Bakker 
Active as artist, musician and facilitator since 5 years in Berlin. As a core member of Wide Scope Experimental, regularly creating improvised experimental music, dance and video collaborations across the Berlin cityscape. If you fall off a camel, get back on a dromedary.